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Gary Winter is a master artisan with over 40 years of imagination behind him (he started very young) and has turned quite a few heads with his endeavors. Including work for President Reagan, President Carter, Clint Eastwood, Museum of Modern Art New York, Ripley’s Museums and many others… as well as a few thousands collectors. His clever inventions, miniature reproductions, murals, renderings, contemporary furniture, point of purchase displays, packaging, metal sculptures and so on all show his creative versatility and innovative thinking – “out of the box”. Continue to browse through this website to spark your imagination…

Your Home In Miniature + A Home Portrait.


Since 1995 Gary has acquired over 1000 collectors creating miniature reproductions of his hometown Pleasanton, CA. Only a few of the buildings are shown here.

These beautiful miniatures have grown in popularity and the demand for custom work has sparked the creation of “Your Home in Miniature”.

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